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The Vision

  • We want every student to build onto their belief of the Jesus they follow. Our goal is for every anthem student to graduate with a firm foundation of: Who their god is, and how to grow in relationship with him. Know WHY they are here to worship their savior and spread the gospel, and to turn consumers into producers by leading and serving their world around them.


  • 4 week course | Starting the first week of every month
  • Classes once a week at 9:00 AM on Sunday Mornings during the month of February. Classes will start taking place at 11:00 AM on Sunday Mornings the following months.
  • All course work must be completed and signed off on by the course instructor to graduate
  • If a student misses a week, the student can still go to the following weeks class. However, the week missed and its course work will need to be attended and completed the following month in order to graduate.
  • Registration is ongoing for each consecutive month.


  • Course content given live during weekly classes.
  • Weekly assignments given and completed each week.
  • Video content assigned each week.

Week 1 – The Who

  • Who is God? And how do I grow in relationship with him?

Week 2 – The Why

  • Answering the question “Why I am here?” and learning how to worship and evangelize.
  • Personality/spiritual gifts test.

Week 3 – The What

  • What now? Consumers built into producers. Learning how to Lead and Serve.

Week 4 - Review/All Assignments Due

Attendee Types

  • New Attendee 39 remaining
  • Retaking a Week Missed 20 remaining
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